Build your business identity

Do you need a little help getting things set up to start your lawn care business?

I can help!

Since I dropped lawn maintenance from my offered services, I have found a little more free time. Some of that time is being devoted to building this site and giving away a lot of free information that nobody shared with me in the beginning.

If it keeps one person from making the same mistakes I did, then it’s well worth it.

Some of my remaining time, I am going to do a little web design and web hosting, graphics work, and some of the things I really enjoyed doing back when I ran my embroidery and screen print shop.

Yes, I am still a business owner and still have to make a living, so there is a pitch, but it’s an honest pitch that I think can help many new entrepreneurs.

FREE website Giveaway!

(Web design, hosting, business cards)

I’m offering a business start up package for those of you just starting out, or even if you already have things started, but need a little help in the web design, hosting, graphics, and business cards arena.

I’m going to do this at a pretty reasonable rate of $300.00, which, as you read along, will realize is a real bargain.

In this package, I will:

  • Consult with you to determine a general theme for your lawn or landscape business, colors you would like, etc.
  • Discuss (email or phone) what services you plan to provide to your customers
  • Help you find a domain name ( for your website
  • Create your business logo
  • Register your domain for you (
  • Create your email account at your website ( – much more professional looking than a generic free email
  • Create a 7 page website, including your company logo
  • Create 250 business cards with your company logo and service outline
  • Host your website for one year!


Once you make payment, please send me an email to: so we can start communicating through email to get started on your logo, web site, and the rest of your business identity!