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A simple list of things that I feel will maximize your profit.

While these are simple things to do, you need to know them before you ever start your lawn care business.

It is much easier to start the business going in the right direction, rather than trying to undo something afterwards.

Feel free to add anything in the comment section at the bottom of this post.


Lawn Care Business Profit Building Tips:

  • Keep your route tight
  • Try to get as many properties on the same street or subdivision as possible
  • Don’t underbid!
  • Always maintain the philosophy “time is money”
  • Have the RIGHT tool for the job.
  • Don’t go cheap on string trimmers and blowers. They do not save you money in the long run
  • Make sure you have your route set up to minimize drive time
  • Charge more for properties that have small gates that mower won’t go through
  • Always charge for “extras”
  • Don’t spend too much time talking, when you are running the route, run the route
  • Pay a little more to get the best help
  • Buy edger blades in bulk
  • If a property does not make sense for your business, don’t take it
  • Take the time to rig your truck correctly
  • If you have crews, have a way to monitor productivity
  • Set goals for each day, track your progress
  • Charge more for one time cuts

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  1. This will be an ongoing list as I think of things to add.
    There are a million little things that can make a big difference!
    Post them in the comments here, and I’ll add them to the post

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