Lawn Care Business Course

What this course is about

Take the lawn care business course to get some insight on start up, running, and maintaining your own lawn care or landscape business.


Simple explanations about running a lawn business

Learn the basics about running a lawn care business. From knowing your profit margins to figuring out what a “good route” is, we will try to cover it all in this course.



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Course Introduction (View Course)

An introduction to running a lawn care business.

This is a short introduction to running a lawn care business.


You will not like some of the information I share here.


You need to know and be aware of the challenges you will face starting and running a lawn care business.


If you know what the real challenges are before you even start, you can avoid many of them!


Lawn Care Business Course Part 1 (View Course)

Extra, extra!

What services you can offer


How you set your business up in the very beginning can affect you for years.


Do your research before you set your lawn care business up.


This section talks about what services you can provide.


Part 2 (View Course)

Buying an existing lawn care business

This section discusses the ins and outs of purchasing an existing lawn care business


Part 3 (View Course)

Business Models

This course segment discusses business models.


You need to develop a business model that works in your specific area.


You also need to offer services that will appeal to your specific market.


Part 4 (View Course)