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Networking in lawn care is important!

Why networking is important for your lawn care business

Networking is a valuable tool that can help build and strengthen your lawn care or landscape business.


You also make many friends along the way!


I have always tried to network and meet as many other business owners as possible.


I can’t even begin to tell you how many great friends and connections I have made while standing at the gas pumps at the convenience store.


Many of these connections have turned into valuable resources that  I turn to all the time.


They in turn, do the same with me.


When you first meet someone, you may not have a clue that they are a realtor, business owner, or some other possible connection that could use your services.


On the flip side, they might be someone that you can refer some business to.


I am constantly giving referrals to the good business owners that I know.



Who are some good people to network with if you operate a lawn care business?

I network with tree companies, stump grinders, realtors, property managers, lawn application companies, painters, plumbers, construction people, lawn care and landscape companies, you name it!


I don’t really exclude anyone, I try to make as many relationships as I can.


Here are some possible networking opportunities:

  • Tree companies - I give them tree jobs, and they in turn send lawn care accounts
  • Property managers - they manage properties and always need work done
  • Realtors - they have more connections than you could imagine
  • Lawn application companies - they make your lawns look great, and they don't cut grass, so no conflict there
  • Other lawn and landscape companies - yes, I network with the competition, all the time
  • Construction trades - great netoworking opportunity since they don't typically do lawns
  • Pest control companies - how many properties do these guys and gals go to on a daily basis?

Just remember, every opportunity that comes along is not a good one.


As a business owner, it’s up to you to decide which opportunities are good for you and which ones are not a good fit.



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