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For lawn care and landscape invoicing and billing:


Shameless plug - this is a referral link that you and I both get a credit from 
if you do the trial, like it, and sign up.

I have used this Jobber for years, and it's simply worth the $70/month.
It's scaleable as you grow, and is truly designed for a service route.

You can schedule crews, it has a great smart phone app, it will build your 
route, manage your crews, generates work orders and invoices on the fly. 
Batch generates invoices and tracks everything so you don't have to.

The weakest point is job costing, no GL, the reports could stand some work, but 
it will always keep you in the know in regards to schedule, invoices, projected 
income, and receivables.

For a small to medium company with a few crews, this is fantastic.
Just give it a try, it has a free trial.
Service Autopilot (I have no personal experience with this software)
I'm not sure if they have a free trial.
Quickbooks Online
Affordable, and they have been around forever.
Very strong accounting software with a lot of plug ins that you can tailor to 
your needs.

I haven't used it in years, but back when I did, they did not have any built in 
schedule/employee management tied into the billing portion.

They also have a free trial.

For Landscape Design:

Idea Spectrum
This is my "Go To" design software.
You will not be dissapointed. 
Click a picture of the property, plug it into the software, and 
start  designing!

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