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Why it’s important to have a website for your lawn care or landscape business

Your lawn care website may be the first impression a potential customer gets of your business.


If your website looks professional, has good sales copy, and shows well in search results, it lends the potential client a sense of trust.


Even more important, if you have good organic search results for your particular service area, then you are getting free advertising for people who are actually searching for your type of business!


I’ll be doing another article later on organic search results and why they are important.


Can you really get business from a lawn care website?

You sure can!

I still average one or two calls a day from my lawn care business website, and I don’t even cut lawns any more!


I now refer all those calls to some of my friends who still cut grass.

They in turn, send me a lot of the landscape jobs that they are not set up to do, so it works for all of us!



Why search engines are awesome for sending you new customers

  • Free advertising to people actively looking for your service
  • Targeted advertising to showcase your services
  • Showing up in search results tells the people you are a real business!

It is well worth the effort to have a professional looking website that has great search results!


Spend the time to learn about it, or spend the money to have one built.


Your lawn care business website will be a source of leads 24-7 once you are showing up in the search results!



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